went on a tear and added like a million* (313) read books to Good Reads in the hopes of getting good recommendations.

tnx for the nudge, @neven

I've noticed there are two ways to work with the Drupal 8 Entity and Entity Reference APIs: really really verbose, or 🧙 magic!

So I've been “officially” tagged to work on #mastodon support for the #WordPress #JetPack publicize module. I'd better get things going. timn.me/2NfN8Da

Speaking of newish shows, just finished Disenchantment on Netflix. Quirky but pretty good! Just the right amount of adult humor that flies under the radar. My favorite part was the messenger turkeys 😁

In dire need of new TV shows to watch. Currently bouncing between Bachelor in Paradise 😬 and old John Oliver episodes.

So far I appreciate Drupal 8 adopting modern PHP standards and leaning more heavily on OOP. However, there are layers upon layers upon layers of objects, and many APIs remain poorly documented. I feel like I'm hacking through a dense jungle with a machete. I imagine I'll become more comfortable once I get the lay of the land.

Working in Drupal 8 today. Spending more time reading module API docs than I am writing code.

First coffee complete. Time for cup number 2. Then, maybe work I guess.

I can’t find the toot right now, but someone pointed out that overuse of CW to hide long text and content that doesn’t otherwise need a warning label might end up desensitizing us to the use of the CW, and we’ll all end up clicking the box to reveal the text no matter what. So, I’m no longer going to use the CW for jokey “hot takes” and things like that. I might still hide rants/complaints being a content warning, so those who want to avoid reading negative posts can skip over them.

Really like Tusky on Android. Much more polished than Tootdon. But, why waste space on a dedicated federation feed tab? The feed is too active to be usable.

I couldn't care less about the rumored laptop, because I imagine they will ruin it with butterfly switches.

Really hoping that the rumored upcoming Mac Mini is 1) real, 2) very successful, and 3) that Apple doesn't screw it up. Their recent track record is not good.

Had a fun and successful photoshoot last night. I have to say, the EF 70-200 f2.8L IS II is one of those lenses you'll have to pry out of my cold dead hands.

"Will Mastodon make any money?" scream the journalists, who have forgotten the joy of building sandcastles on the beach

Hello. I'm here because @joshlockhart has been tweeting about mastodon from twitter.com/codeguy. I figured I'd take a look

To put into perspective what is happening, here is 6 month of history of the processing required to run mastodon.social:

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