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Josh Millard @joshmillard

The Postman Isn't Sure If The Doorbell Is Working But He Also Doesn't Want To Press It A Third Time In Case It Is And He Just Can't Hear It Because Then You'd Probably Just Think He Was Some Kind Of Asshole, Maybe He Should Try Knocking, Or Is That Even Worse, Like It's Kind Of Unsettling To Bang On Someone's House Like That, Maybe He'll Just Knock Quietly And Then Give It A Few More Seconds And Then Leave

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@joshmillard Royal Mail are very persistent. They'll ring and bang and ring and bang until you come to the door and get your damn package, damn it.

But some of the other firms have a modus operandi of "if I tiptoe up to the house very quietly and leave a 'you were out' card in the letterbox, they'll have to come to our office and collect and I won't have to do any work".