That thing where mastodon gets a little busier and you know it's partly just everybody remembered again exactly how bad the bird site is.

@dendolium imagine mastodon, but with a huge market cap and also a once-surprising amount of nazis

@joshmillard yeah, I mean... we all know it's a cesspool, a lot of us have known it for a long time but we filter and mute and block and curate our experience as best we can and you can kinda forget what else is lurking on there, but then Jack opens his mouth and lets... whatever the hell that was fall out of it and nope. no more. donezo.

I didn't even know about this one. I'm sold.

@joshmillard yeah that's uh...why I'm here as of last night. :blobmelt: Maybe I'm exaggerating, but I think Jack opened his mouth and broke the last straw for a lot of people this time.

@joshmillard my tech news bot got shadowed banned so I shut it it down. I may have to hook it up into mastodon at some point.

@joshmillard Then they realize that not *everyone* is here yet and they go back to the terrible bird site. :(

@joshmillard I was about to go "I should go create a mastodon account I guess" and then 1password reminded me I already had.

@joshmillard Depressingly true. I'd entirely forgotten about Mastodon until recently, heh.

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