It's time again for Endless Jingling, the random carol generator I made a few years back and for which I am unquestionably going to hell.

@joshmillard oh god, you ruined my life before we ever even met and I didn’t even know it

@joshmillard how did you get the animation to sync up with the song? That couldn't have been coincidence!

@templewulf The music is all at 120 bpm, and the animation is synced to I think 0.5 seconds! So if the browser behaves correctly, it matches up nicely.

Related hack: the music being at 120 bpm means when JS in a background tab falls back (as it does in most or all browsers) to a 1000ms refresh rate, the second-long samples loop right on time instead of getting herky jerky the way backgrounded audio sometimes might.

It's all hacky as hell but it works.

@joshmillard oh wow, I would expect load order to put them slightly out of sync, but it just works

@templewulf I did...something or other to prevent async? I don't remember what. It might just be the nature of the once-a-second call, but there's probably some measurable but small pre-load delay up front. Problem with not looking at your own code for years, I really don't remember the details!

@joshmillard It got stuck on ‘little Lord Jesus, no’ four times in a row and now I’m dead.

@joshmillard I've been linking to this at least since 2014. @fool can attest to that

I can honestly say that that's the first time something made me laugh out loud AND make me want to commit a murder at the same time.

@vanderZwan i try to operate in a wafer-thin Venn diagram intersection kind of space

@joshmillard Doesn’t seem to work on my phone in Safari! I tapped around per the instructions but no go. Is there a (((secret))) to making it work and ruining my month

@churl I dunno! It used to not work on iphones at all, then a friend sent me a small patch and now it does work on my iphone in safari but *shruuuuug*

@joshmillard I tried everything and it didn’t. Then I tried again an hour later and it does. I am assuming this is all part of the extended troll that this project inherently is

@sandrockcstm the only way to make it stop is to microwave your phone, sorry about this, i work for the microwave company and this is their new big thing to up sales for the holiday season

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