Ring of Elysium, an also-ran Battle Royale game from Tencent that I have been playing a lot of with friends, has started developing the backstory of its peculiar snowy Murder Vacation Town with a sort of ARG-lite thing this week, expanding on the random contextless notes and diaries that were already littered around the game map.

And there's a couple of kinda not_sure_if.gif details so far that make me think nobody in the dev team knows any Jews, or...?

Like the Mogen David written in blood.

They call it a hexagram, and it seems to be doing the same generic foreboding thing a pentagram would more likely stand in for in western horror/cult/satanism tropes, so there's a straight-faced "oh, huh, yeah, didn't think about that" read available. Maybe literally know one put two and two together.

On the other hand, boy HOWDY is it not promising that the kickoff to this little mystery is that an (maybe literally, unclear so far) vampiric murder was marked with a bloody six-pointed star.


The buses parked at the ski resort have a route placard on them that I'd never looked at before today, but it turns out that said route is "DOWNTOWN VIA JEWISH HOME" and I have no idea what that means since nothing on the map mentions Jewish Home as a location (or Downtown) for that matter, and with zero context I'd be like "huh?" but now I'm kinda...grumpily saying "huh?"

I am defaulting hard toward "just doesn't know and doesn't care" but eesh, side eye actively engaged at this point.

@joshmillard just pretend it's actually a movie title in the works like home for purim

@joshmillard Ugggh, that's suspicious and that star-with-six-points thing is just a bad, bad sign. It's darkly funny that by incorporating a Star of David, it's arguably actually a flag of a crimson color.

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