Came back to MGSV after a couple years, to get reacquainted and work on some completionist stuff. First hour was rough, then I remembered how to play, and now I'm enjoying the good bits and replaying missions and doing side ops.

But also remembering the bits it is weirdly stubborn or dumb about.

And just rediscovered one very stupid little bit: no checkpointing on Mother Base, so if you e.g. spend 30 minutes doing target practice ops and then fall off a platform and die, fuck you, redo them.

That last bit, now that it just happened to me again, feels awfully familiar as maybe the straw that broke the camel's back when I was originally playing it and wearing out my momentum for completionist tasks after beating the plot missions.

Just a stunningly unkind little detail.

@joshmillard getting unpleasant feeling in my tummy thinking about MGSV being "a couple years" ago...

ah well, RE2 Remake is a good antidote for that!

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