DOCTOR: Yes, I should be go-- good LORD what is happening in here?

MAN: The great clown Pagliacci?

DOCTOR: The great clown Pagliacci. At this time of year. At this time of day in this part of the country. Localized ENTIRELY within my office?

MAN: Yes.

DOCTOR: May I see him?

MAN: but doctor

this got like 80% of the way to working but that's like 80% of a rocket launch working

@joshmillard ye gods, my joke is ruined!

But... what if I were to borrow some gags from the great clown Pagliacci and pass them off as my own wit?

@ranjit @joshmillard

R: Yes, it's a social media jibe.
J: Uh-huh. What site is that?
R: Uh, Mastodon.
J: Really. Well, I'm on mastodon dot social, and I never heard anyone toot about this clown, "Pagliacci".
R: Oh, not on mastodon dot social, no; it's a friend dot camp meme.
J: I see.

@ranjit @joshmillard
(oh, no, I said "streamed hams". that's what I call youtube stars.)

@joshmillard and now i've got myself thinking way too much about how this joke is itself a failure, in that it contradicts the premise that Pagliacci is the protaganist of the original joke - but it's only a failure if this joke is considered to be acting as a continuation or rescue of the original; if it's a commentary or even a reboot, then it doesn't have that flaw; but then it has a new flaw, which is that it is no longer a good commentary on the ORIGINAL pagliacci joke, and (1/8)

@joshmillard in conclusion:

— Good lord, what is happening in there?
— The Aristocrats.

@ranjit @joshmillard your pagliacci joke is only a failure if you lose faith in yourself

@phooky @Ranjit @joshmillard any joke can be a failure if you lose faith in yourself and keep on talking

@jleedev @ranjit @joshmillard *prints, frames, hangs next to rest of "successibles"*

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