it's interesting that as baseline transgressive as the chorus to NIN's "Closer" is, it gets much more so as soon as you substitute in any *particular* animal


Musing on this (as a reply to self becuase SOMEONE had better taste than me and back out of their toots on the subject):

Candidates that scan: anything with a stress on the first syllable and an unstressed second syllable seems like it'd work.

Billygoat, check!
Labrador, sure!
Octopus, okay!

Flamingo? No dice with that main stress on syllable 2.

Sandpiper, woodpecker? Nah, even with the primary stress on syllable 1, the secondary stress on syllable 2 makes it feel wrong.

I saw only the second toot in this shirt wonderful thread & briefly contemplated it as a commentary on political candidate names and racist voters.

Then I saw the first. Thanks :)

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