Doubting my own memory that Ensign Kim got replaced by Ensign Kim From A Parallel Universe during one of the big Voyager episodes and then as with most major character developments on that show everybody stopped talking about it basically immediately and for the rest of the show. Like...that's exactly what I remember happening? I'm sure I've talked about it with other people? And yet, what? What? I could check Memory Alpha but I refuse, I will remain where I am, in a fog of uncertain memory

I mean this is definitely for sure the same show that split B'Elanna into her constituent Human and Klingon parts with their own wildly different psychologies, got the Klingon part killed, and then just gave B'Elanna gene therapy to re-half-Klingonize her and then they basically never discussed THAT again either so I don't know why I'm questioning myself here.

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Maybe what I mistake as really dubious character plotting on the show ("wait, nobody ever talks about this gigantic fucking life change a week later?") is actually just a portrait of visionary acceptance in a universe where pscyhophysical bifurcation and alternate universe swaparoos just *happen sometimes* and everybody is comparatively really radically chill and inclusive about it

It's Not Shitty Writing, It's A Utopian Trans Narrative

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a universe in which nobody is mad at you because you're a transporter accident clone, THOMAS, they're mad at you because you're an ASSHOLE

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@joshmillard What about Tuvix? A hell of an episode, where Janeway kills two people, and it’s never spoken about again. Also the salamander baby! Maybe that’ll show up in Picard, just for grins

@joshmillard ah, the three genders: transporter accident, holodeck accident, and klingon

@joshmillard remember when Nomad wiped all of Uhura's memories ("The Changeling", TOS) and they reeducated her *using primers in the sick bay* and then she was "back to normal" (but of course lacking any personal history) by the end of the episode? never mentioned again.

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