What many younger gamers don't realize is that the Sonic games as originally release were very slow, casually-paced games, one of the original "walking simulators".

It's only because of the naive dependency of those early game developers on CPU-cycle based timing loops -- under the assumption that CPU speed could be treated as a fixed constant -- that the games now run far too quickly under modern emulation conditions.

"Gotta Go Fast" was originally a kind of zen koan, not Sonic's aspiration.

@joshmillard I don't know if this is true or not because I've never played the origin Sonic games and that uncertainty makes me very uncomfortable

@marie_joseph that sense of discomfort is all I could possibly hope to accomplish, so in celebration and clemency I'll note that it is 100% just me making a shitposty joke and Sonic did indeed need to and manage to go fast from day one

@joshmillard this had me questioning my own memories for a minute, hdu

@spowers Sonic was originally a sex game, they managed to change most of the text but the marketing team missed a couple bits

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