MOBSTER: [is fatally wounded in mob shootout]
MOBSTER: [beholds a raven]
MOBSTER: [to raven] so what are you supposed to be, some kinda psychopomp?
MOBSTER: [turning to other dying mobsters] check this guy out, he thinks he's a fuckin' psychopomp
DYING MOBSTERS: [blood-choked derisive laughter]
MOBSTER: my ass, fuckin' psychopomp, get outta here

@pagrus it really is; like, this is a good example of a toot that only exists because I thought of a word I liked again and had to come up with a reason to use it

@joshmillard i need you to know this is like one of my favorite toots of all time

@joshmillard RAVEN: [in peevish voice] spirit guide! I'm your spirit guide through this liminal-- hey, you know what? fuck you. fuck all youse guys

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