the song Centerfold came on the radio this morning and I'm trying to decide if there's a plausible read on it that is sufficiently self-deprecating to make it an interesting song rather than just terrible on its face

I mean it's a great pop hook but yiiiiikes

Major narrative beats:

- You were my beautiful unstainable pure angel
- But now you're in a porn magazine
- It's sullied my memories of you being a pure angel, who i thought about fucking constantly
- I wish I could see you not-naked again sometime
- And then we'll go to a hotel and you'll fuck me
- This magazine is reifying my long-standing sexual fantasies about you
- I will purchase this magazine


And you could go at this with a full-force interpretation of scathing satire, decide that the subtext of the song is an indictment of sexual entitlement and solipsism, a whole-ass parodic tear-down of the entire madonna-whore industrial complex, but i mean


@joshmillard The closest I got is:

1. Drop half the verses.
2. Gender flip
3. Link it to "She Bop"

@joshmillard "She Bop" has its own weirdness since the boys are possibly gay, but...

@cbrachyrhynchos Yeah, I can see exploring the territory of fantasy vs. reality there in this growing Ted Talk outline. Though as long as it's managing not to thread that weird "slut-shaming you, specifically, for appearing in the pornographic material that I, as a consumer of porn, expect *someone* to appear in" needle, it feels like it's on fairly solid ground. Cyndi doesn't seem to be expecting any reciprocity or mutuality or exclusivity from her jerkoff material, seems like a key divide.

@joshmillard One of the things I don't miss about the 80s is the high frequency of gags about boys and porn mags.

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