@joshmillard question, are you hand-pulling these or do you have a press or...?

@aparrish Hand pulling. I'm gonna have to get in deeper before I spend that kind of money.

@aparrish so just working with a baren and a spoon, definitely mixed results still as I sort out paper and ink and technique

@joshmillard I think they look fantastic! I've always sorta preferred the hand-pulled aesthetic tbh. I did learn recently at the local rent-by-the-hour letterpress studio that the wood blocks lino sometimes comes mounted on is type-height, so you can use them in the fancy letterpress machines pretty much as-is...

@aparrish I like the hand pulled look but I’d like to be getting the specific look I’m aiming for more regularly; right now I’m really inconsistent, only end up showing off the good ones.

@matthewbogart no YOU

this has had me thinking of you a little actually; working in sort of graphic linear contrasts like this feels very illustrative in a way that most of my stuff doesn’t so much

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