‪Four Vertex-Aligned Isometric Projections of a Rhombic Dodecahedron ‬
‪linocut print, 6”x6”‬

@joshmillard I'm so fascinated by these linocuts that I looked up the basic tools for learning the art. The list included a box of bandages because you're going to slice a finger at least once. I think I'll stick to appreciating art, thank you very much.

@bartleby heh. Honestly you’ll only cut yourself if you ignore the first and biggest rule: never put flesh in front of your blade. It’s just that enough of us are stupid enough that we had to learn that once the hard way, which is why that ended up being the first and biggest rule. I cut myself a lot more often making stained glass, really.

@joshmillard OK, I still may try it. That latest print is really cool. If you left "linocut" out of the description, I'd say "Meh, nice doodle." but being a linocut is totally different! So cool.

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