@joshmillard coma: a pause in a thought that continues for an indefinite amount of time

@joshmillard what about the one that looks like hemidemisemicolon on the bottom but like demisemicolon on top

@cosine a pseudohemidemisemicolon? It was agreed that they would no longer be recognized or discussed, as a condition of the 1978 Comma Accord.


colon :
a full-stop break between e.g. a descriptor and list of items
"there were only three options left: win, lose, or draw"

semicolon ;
a partial stop between two related but independent thoughts
"they couldn't tell it was a cat; he'd have to start his sketch over"

demisemicolon [2 commas facing away from each other]
a brief stumble in an otherwise continous single thought
"he'd have to, ̒fuckin’ pull out all the stops on this one”

hemidemisemicolon [same as above but the commas are 2-sided]
an imperceptible dissociative fugue littered throughout a thought
"fuck, ̒̓wait, ̒̓was that, ̒̓what was a cat, ̒̓was he d, ̒̓rawing a h, ̒̓o, ̒̓r, ̒̓s, ̒̓e”

re: [caption] 

@sobsz thank u for ur service

all this time people thought it was a nazi sign, but it was a hemidemisemicolon

@joshmillard another good grammatical tip:

"Jimmy bought some items from the shop: apples; bananas; and pears."

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