@joshmillard I like this one a lot. Are you doing these prints with a baren? The color is so solid!

@phooky Yeah, handprinting with a baren and also spoon sometimes, though i think with this one I just ran wiht it.

I find I can get pretty darned solid fields with a baren with this water based ink and rice paper approach (which is what I usually use for test prints after a carve because it's quick to clean up). I've had a harder time getting consistent hand-rubbed fill using oil ink + mulberry I use for sale prints, largely I think because the mulberry paper has more texture and thickness.

@phooky Man, I'm still waking up and on my first cup of tea but I'm very rapidly getting jazzed about the idea of getting a few lino folks together and doing an EC by mail. Wouldn't even need to involve laser or anything; just start a carve on a vertical chunk of lino, go down about two inches with the carve, cut off all but the last quarter inch of that carved section, mail the remainder to the next person. Carve, cut, mail, repeat, send it all home at the end.

@joshmillard I am so on board with this! I was thinking we could even just cut the outline of a lino block to whatever shape, trace it, and send the paper tracing to the next person. Then everybody would just send their individual sub-block to a single place at the end.

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