New blog post about (among other things) using a laser to cut circles out of linoleum.

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@joshmillard I've been thinking about doing this with our CNC & mounted lino block. There'd be a bunch of waste, but it would be easier to piece together for prints.

@phooky Ooh, yeah! How thin a line can you do with a CNC bit? I suppose it could be pretty teeny, but I've never used a mechanical router at all.

@joshmillard I would use a 1/8" bit for this; I guess you could go smaller if you wanted to. My thinking was that instead of slicing up one block carefully, you'd cut the individual parts out of multiple blocks and place them together before initial carving (thus the waste). The laser solution on unmounted lino is far more flexible!

@phooky @joshmillard hmm you could just buy some nice rectangular blocks and clamp them together, and then carve 1/4" over the boundary

@Ranjit @phooky I am gonna reflect on process a little and then I think try and make a MetaFilter/masto thing of an initial go soon and see what happens.

@joshmillard this smells like a good start to a lino exquisite corpse, btw

@joshmillard (laser-cut lino probably does smell a bit like a corpse but that is not what i meant)

@phooky Yessss. I've done a couple unrelated combinatorial art projects in the past and this feels like a really good solution for producing reliably-shaped sub-pieces, and taking that in a collaborative EC direction would also be pretty fantastic.

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