Okay, I've made a video game and it's called Gunther O'Brian's Pitching Simulator and it's a game where you try to help Gunther, who is a penguin who doesn't know anything about blaseball, throw the ball better.

@monorail this is extremely appropriate because Gunther is little and weird and having fun.

@monorail Pretty much! He has a liiiittle nudge toward the plate I think but not much.

@joshmillard okay fair

i nailed a pitch and it still went backwards and i didn't know if it was something i did or if it's part of the game :P

@joshmillard Gunther O'Brian Teaches Typing (Four Keys In Arbitrary Sequences)

@joshmillard i remain stubbornly out of the blaseball loop which permits me to imagine that mavis beacon is both commissioner and cleanup blatter (they are called blaseball blats i assume)

@phooky I think all of this is plausible honestly, that's the nice thing about blaseball, even if you're in the loop there's always another loop

@joshmillard this game is extremely relatable as someone who also knows nothing about blaseball

- Packsnek 🐍

unsolicited suggestion re: Gunther O'Brian's Pitching Simulator 

@joshmillard Do you have any feelings about adding a save function that records high scores between sessions? It looks pretty straightforward to use cartdata(), dget(), and dset() to do that if it seems like a good idea to you

- 🐍

unsolicited suggestion re: Gunther O'Brian's Pitching Simulator 

@packbat I have no problem with that idea and also no plans to do it, if that makes sense; if someone felt moved to hack away, it's CC licensed and totally welcome. I built exactly as much as I was moved to and now am freeeeeeeeeeeeee

re: unsolicited suggestion re: Gunther O'Brian's Pitching Simulator 

@joshmillard 💯 ✨

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