oh you're a big Weezer fan, huh, well name three songs about wanting to fuck Japanese high school girls off Pinkerton

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@joshmillard oh, so you're a neutral milk hotel fan, huh? well, name three songs about wanting to fuck anne frank off in an aeroplane over a sea

@joshmillard tired of sex, across the sea, the good life (trick question the answer is: all of them)

@courtney see i always felt like tired of sex and the good life were both about getting burnt out from fucking white American girls

@courtney god why did i make a pinkerton joke now i've got fucking pinkerton stuck in my head

@joshmillard joke’s on you since it’s all down hill from there in the Weezer canon

@courtney honestly I genuinely like Green a lot, I'm really here for those super polished powerpop productions they managed with those two albums whatever the fucking critical narrative might be.

@joshmillard I just remember hearing Beverly Hills on the radio and genuinely thinking it was a Weird Al parody of a Weezer song and the full body horror when I realized that no, it was just Weezer.

@courtney yeah it feels like for one thing in the long run Rivers stopped bothering to try and make his lyrics rhyme, but not in a "bold exploration of free verse" way so much as a "rhyming is too much work" thing

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