Finished up this project from late last year: "STOP permutations", a series of 24 linocut prints of all permutations of the letters S, T, O, and P.

Blog post:

Prints for sale on my shop:

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@joshmillard in my town I've seen a SOTP painted on the road. STOP nr. of permutations is 4! = 4*3*2*1 = 24 ... when high school lessons come handy 🤓

@ranx I absolutely love seeing misprinted signage in the wild. As a kid I just sort of assumed this stuff existed in some atomic, platonic ideal form, like there was a warehouse full of all the signage anyone would ever need, all made in advance by elves or something.

The reality that a whole lot of this stuff just gets produced on the fly by error-prone humans is a lot more interesting.

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