Realizing I've spent like a decade now awkwardly reaching around the back of one imac or another to shuffle too many USB devices around too few USB ports because I've felt like it'd be inconvenient to set up a USB hub, how is everyone else's life going


i've grabbed the bull of destiny by the horns of e-commerce and have ordered not just a 4-port USB hub but also a CF card reader so it doesn't take a literal month to transfer photos off my old 5D, and while I'm at it a couple of spare USB-A to USB-B cables because there's always one fewer of those around than there are devices I need 'em for

big day for spending five minutes resolving a decade-long set of problems

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I plugged my new USB hub into my computer and my new CF card reader into my USB hub and transferred pictures on a non-geological time-scale and everything is great

@joshmillard Happy Discardia!

(Never forget it's also about getting rid of non-awesomeness in general.)

@joshmillard YAY!!!

Congrats on overcoming a small thing that can sometimes be a big thing!

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