movie about a hairless golden retriever who somehow enters and wins the Miss Universe pageant, it's called Nair Bud

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@joshmillard don't you have a plotter to go play with? There are obscure pens you haven't tried yet!

@scruss movie about a golden retriever who goes through a metadimensional portal and ends up in Flatland where he then wins a geometry tournament, it's called Square Bud

@joshmillard @scruss in the sequels we learn of his unexpected royal heritage and he’s actually the long lost prince of the realm

@mhoye @scruss remember that time he went on Bake Off and made that perfect chocolate-covered, cream-filled choux pastry

@joshmillard @mhoye @scruss Eclair Bud… that kind of was the only good movie in the series. I didn’t get why Nair Bud was called Nair Bud if he was hairless already he didn’t need any Nair?

@Sandra @scruss @mhoye In the director's cut they restored the prologue scene with the nair that got cut by execs for running time in the theatrical release

@joshmillard @scruss @mhoye But then if the dog had been naired to be hairless what was special about that particular dog? As opposed to any other nairable dog.

@Sandra @scruss @mhoye in fact, the short story on which the screenplay was based originally contained no basketball and was essentially a religious treatise about faith, doubt, and the question of whether a supreme being could create a creature whose hair He could not remove

it was called "On the Un-nairability of Dog"

@Sandra @joshmillard @scruss the Milan Kundera take on it was I guess an art house success but didn’t get a lot of mainstream traction.

@mhoye @joshmillard @scruss The unnairable dog of being…?

I kinda like the one where the dog is in a found-footage style black and white 90s grunge horror film.

@brennen @joshmillard @scruss @mhoye

Jesus people? You mean Père Bud, the one where the dog is a French Catholic priest?

Pretty much grep air$ /usr/share/dict/words

/usr/share bud

@Sandra @scruss @mhoye @brennen remember the one about him getting a job as a deli counter scale calibrator

Tare Bud

@joshmillard @scruss @mhoye @brennen

I first misread your post and thought you wrote desi counter instead of deli counter. I almost forgot about Slum-Bud Millio-Nair.

@scruss @brennen @Sandra @mhoye with our parents so frequently absent, we mostly learned life skills from our golden retriever nanny

au pair bud

@joshmillard @scruss @brennen @Sandra @mhoye the internet that made this thread possible was a mistake, we should all go back to living in caves

@mhoye @joshmillard @scruss @brennen

I just went and rewatched that scene. It really gets under my skin. Boss guy should’ve just upped the mininum number of pieces instead of trying to control her thoughts.

@joshmillard @scruss that was great! And that time the town elected him?

@mhoye @joshmillard see, that could possibly work for me, cos youse don't pronounce "mayor" right

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