One of the reasons I tend to impulsive toot/tweet/etc half-baked free-association jokes when I think of them is otherwise they might stick around in my head.

I've been grudgingly carrying "the 'Riiiiise aaaand FALLLLL, on the wiiiiings of my dreaaaaam' chorus from the theme to Perfect Strangers, except instead of 'rise and fall' it's 'Rie-fen-STAAAAAHL' " around in my mental pocket for years now, like there's gonna be a perfect 80s sitcom vs. Nazi cinematography conversation to drop it into

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@joshmillard realization of mortality is achieved in the moment in which you realize you will never find that serendipitous Perfect Nazi Strangers conversational opportunity and let that joke go forever

@joshmillard I have an idea

I once realized that the Perfect Strangers theme and the Star Trek: Enterprise theme could substitute for each other pretty easily

so your filk could work for the Mirror Universe alternate theme music & intro credits sequence for ST: ENT

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