Someone with an extreeeeeemely edgy metal badass email handle keeps writing to the MeFi contact form to say that (a) it's bullshit that we charge them five bucks to join and (b) they just want there mom to stop talking to them please and (c) they can't pay five dollars because their girlfriend doesn't want them spending money online

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@joshmillard This example does a pretty good job of illustrating why people would gladly pay $5 for the service of charging everyone else $5 too.

@rook in the 1980s there was a guy who went by the name of Brainbeau. He made classified ads in newspapers and sheets of classified ads. The ads all said send a self-addressed stamped envelope to Brainbeau and he would sent you his plan for world peace. What did you get when you answered that classified ad? Four sheets of classified ads. He never took in money, or harvested addresses for marketing. His peace plan was, itself, the ad for the peace plan.


:jrbd: ✉️ 🧠 ⚡

@joshmillard I find it difficult to believe a real teenager in 2021 is desperate to sign up for Metafilter.

@joshmillard Someone with an AOL address keeps writing my DNS provider threatening to sue for half a billion dollars because I shared a copy of a blog post in 2008. The subject of the blog post was them making legal threats to have blog posts taken down.

@joshmillard Here's where I copied the text from:

Prof. Obi's "Royal College of Alternative Medicine" is the most entertaining fake organization I've seen in a while. Its only member appears to be Prof. Obi; it is licensed by the "Medical Licensing Council", whose "Executive Chairman and Chief Regulator", is Prof. Obi. It claims to have been founded by Biafran Druids in 1200 BC.

@joshmillard I completely understand why you're not posting the extreeeeemely edgy metal badass email handle but now i'm just running through candidates in my head so thank you for planting "" in my brain

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