Ended up dumping some thoughts about ADHD-adjacent stuff and attention dysregulation and, believe it or not, pen plotters over on birb site while plotting something earlier:

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@joshmillard This really resonated for me—I have attention/executive function problems because of my anxiety disorder and trauma history, so I often seem really random when really I’m making connections that take time to make clear to people who aren’t me. I have a hard time explaining my thought processes and have a hard time figuring out how I’m going to do something until I do it.

@eilatan @joshmillard This really makes sense to me too. The small square over here, the rectangle over there, then back to square one. Why?

@joshmillard @katebowles Me: Why not? It gets us to the same place in the end! Everyone else: but you’re not doing it in the right order!!!

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