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Josh Millard @joshmillard

Y'all I can't exactly say it's the soundest financial decision you can make but as a general thing I think buying a fucking laser isn't a mistake.

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@nelson GlowForge Basic. Bought it off a friend (for whom it was surplus once his GlowForge Pro shipped) after having him give me a tour and a couple occasions of having him do one-off cuts for me.

@joshmillard nice. I've done some cut-by-mail but there's nothing like having it local.

@joshmillard what do people pay for things like that? In general?

@matthewbogart I don't know but I might be trying to find out once I sort out my workflow stuff soon. The idea of kicking open an etsy and selling laser-cut geometric doodads has been on my mind off and on as I considered the glowforge purchase.