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Josh Millard @joshmillard

Game idea: Dire Straits-themed Sokobon cloned called "We've Got To Move These Refrigerators"

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@sanspoint and whenever you put the puzzle in an unsolvable state, the little dudes turn to the screen and a text box comes up that says "that ain't workin'"

@sanspoint obviously when you solve a puzzle they do the same except with "that's the way you do it"

@joshmillard @sanspoint When you beat the game, you earn Weird Al as a playable character.

this was a dumb joke and I don't even like sokoban and I've *implemented* sokoban several times as a programming exercise over the years

and yet i still keep thinking about doing it up in pico 8

i mean the levels could all be warehouses and people's unfinished kitchens and and