the thing about hot corn cold corn is:

1. It's not a real good song to start with
2. When you get literally one snippet of the melody stuck in your head it gets worse
3. When it's stuck in your head on and off for like a month that's real bad
4. When you get it stuck in your head again literally every time you see the word corn oh boy howdy
5. Who even knows this song anyway, this is some wasted pun material even under less dire conditions
6. Bring along a port-o-john


I do not know of which song you speak. And so, I very briefly considered looking it up.

**Very** briefly.

@suetanvil its just a dumb as hell old bluegrass song, like the sort of thing you would write, and then sing, while real real drunk on some good bad moonshine, and mostly its only value is in playing very fast and loud while drunk and then moving on from

@joshmillard "If it says 'Corn' on the label, it's probably corn." --from immortal "Buying Food" short.

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