Two executions of the same linocut design: the first all drafted by hand and cut with an Xacto blade, the second laser-scored from an SVG I drafted up and then carved away and cleaned up with lino gouges with those scores as a guide.

Two new linocut prints:

When The Only Thing There Is Left To Do Is To Wait


Warning Knot

a lot of misc. blaseball shitpost content accruing over time in my photoshop folder and i refuse to explain any of it

Putting my hair on the line as part of MetaFilter's September fundraiser.

The site operates largely off direct support from community members and the web community at large; for every new $50 in monthly contributions we see this month, I'll cut an inch of my hair off.

Okay, I've made a video game and it's called Gunther O'Brian's Pitching Simulator and it's a game where you try to help Gunther, who is a penguin who doesn't know anything about blaseball, throw the ball better.

Test print from a first go at linocut reduction printing today; both the blue sky and the black powerline foreground are carved from the same linocut block, in two separate stages of carving, so there's no going back after making the first clump of blue-sky prints.

I'm going to follow up in a couple days with the rest of the prints fo this once that blue sky layer dries more, but I wanted to at least try one while it was still wet today to see how it looked. Which: not bad! Pretty happy.

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