Finished up this project from late last year: "STOP permutations", a series of 24 linocut prints of all permutations of the letters S, T, O, and P.

Blog post:

Prints for sale on my shop:

Made a blog post to try and summarize briefly my whole fogleworms thing, if you're like "wtf is this about":

Current printing project: 1 linocut print each of the 96 distinct 4x4 configurations of these little geometric worms. Halfway done.

Three sets of Fogleworms, for N=3,4,5. There's a bunch fo context here that I am too tired to actually provide right at the moment, but I enjoy the renderings and you might too.

Behold, Fogleworms. Inevitable crafty outcome of me obsessing about a math problem involving arranging "worms" the last few days, see big birb site thread:

construction paper mockup yesterday of a toroid bound to a tetrahedron, and work in progress today cutting and grinding pieces for a larger stained glass execution

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