Finally got these guys photographed and uploaded and written up on my art blog: System A250001 I-XIV, a set of small watercolors based on a geometric sequence.

it's Nintendo canon that Luigi was absolutely fucking Mario's wife

In me news, new linocut print available, "Activation", a one-off from last year that I never printed properly.

The skulls and the chicken feet planter I ordered from are here and they are glorious. Thanks, @selfsame, they are delightful. Don't mind how anxious that squash looks, he's always like that.

End-of-month push: I'm getting ready for my first Monthly Art Postcard reward for $10+ patreon supporters. Each is an original art piece, not a reproduction, sent in the mail to you wherever you are in the world.

You can become a supporter here; I'd love to send you mail, and I'd appreciate your support of my work.

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