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Josh Millard

Path Tile Configuration
oil on canvas, 24"x24"

The time this painting took to make, because of drying after the reds first went on, means it bookended most of the process of developing and putting up for sale the geometric tiles the original triangle versions of which the painting's design came from.

Mostly it's that that process with the tiles was really quick; still, the contrast in pace for working with the same idea in different contexts is tripping me out a little today.

Heya, I started an etsy shop for the geometric tiles I've been designing and lasering recently!

I dunno if this is a chakra or a stargate or the worst/best lockpicking puzzle in Mass Effect 7 but I like it

Heptagons again, now in actual object form.

Heptagon path tile construction.

*Gillette CEO voice*

Fuck everything, we're doing hexagons.

Stripes with Magnification
oil on canvas, 24"x24"

More or less happy with how this came out, as a test of process and of the underlying idea, though I think there's more interesting variations worth chasing down.

Kicking up the complexity a bit with pentagons and rhomboids. Bunch of yammering and more pictures over on birb site if you are willing to fuck with that:

i didn't do this

you never saw this

Square tiles now too! Gearing up for (very small run, basement of my house) production.

so hey why not triangular tiles AND a Menger sponge

Working on some ideas for a set of arbitrarily-tiling heterogeneous triangular tiles, this is a promising laser cut prototype this morning.

Circles at Different Frequencies
oil on canvas, 24"x24"

I like how this one came out in the end, which is a relief because I was liking how it was coming out in the middle and a little worried the blue would end up taking something away for me.

Quaternary Matrix, Accumulating Color
oil on canvas, 24"x24"

Back to the non-stunt painting, finished this off with a final fourth pass today laying on grey gradient columns.

I wasn't sure how it was going to look in the end, other than the general march of sub palettes; I might try a different process for the same idea at some point to get a flatter, more mechanical variation on the result.

The Treachery of Matrices
oil on canvas, 24"x24"