Crow in Profile, stained glass, 11"x12". Built this over the last few days, made a whole step-by-step process thread over on the birb site if you want to see the details.

Back to watercolor the last couple days, doing a series based on the offset squares stuff I've been messing with lately. I, II, III, IV...

And then a plotter+pencil -> watercolor experiment with the same original form.

The piece with just the blue in is the more pleasant to look at; the one with the red layer in is more interesting to me compositionally. Want to explore both directions some more.

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Some plotter experiments yesterday, starting from an idea of randomized systematic embeddings of trios of rectangles inside larger rectangles and then just sort of wilding out in various ways.

some cube variations (mostly marker, one pencil) from earlier before I got sick to my stomach about SCOTUS horseshit and quit for the day

Mapped out all the two digit transitions into the 5-cycle. Neat little features of the distribution of states; 3+ digits will introduce some more complicated issues it seems like in how to group classes of equivalent numbers together but I think there’s some hints here at the sort of shape of those equivalence classes.

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Visiting MIL, doing some literal back of the envelope calculations while they’re discussing a textile project. Wanted to see the three digit 495 result myself, and then see what emerged for five digits, which is…a loop! I haven’t read up any more on Kaprekar results yet though I saw at a glance that this and a lot of other results have already been mapped out.

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