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Josh Millard

Tonight I managed to finalize a working design for a laser cut Menger sponge (vs. the simpler pseudo-sponge with no insides that I'd done recently).

Doesn't look a ton different from the pseudo-sponge at a glance, but it's far more mathematically satisfying. Has a nicer heft too from the extra pieces. Also a lot more work to put together!

Sixth pass on Accumulating Bisections; fourth pass on Accumulating Sierpinski Carpet; action shot of that fourth pass going on.

Did a great big 90 minute glowforge cut today, of this 5-iteration Sierpinski carpet...and had a fuck up right at the end with the software that led to an alignment problem that ruined the whole thing.

I mean it's still neat looking, but it's fucked up too and I was hoping to make one that wasn't fucked up.

Did my first clear acrylic cut with the glowforge tonight (after figuring out the my original planned cut for the evening was gonna take 87 minutes, which, nah, that can wait till tomorrow).

This actually looks pretty cool?

Experimenting this morning with laser-cutting leaves.

Also continuing on this one. Related to the ideas in the last toot but a different approach to the process, slightly different materials. Hope it looks rad when its done but for now mostly I expect to be a little surprised at the end.

Fifth pass on this. Every time I add more it changes and I find myself missing how it used to look, and every time I get used to it in time to feel conflicted at the next pass. It's a weird piece to work on, having to force myself to follow through on the plan I made at the start because if I don't force the issue and ignore my in-the-moment feelings I'll never find out how something like this can go.

like this was my morning and I'm pretty okay with that

Y'all I can't exactly say it's the soundest financial decision you can make but as a general thing I think buying a fucking laser isn't a mistake.

who has two thumbs and a class 1 laser device

Three passes in now on this work in progress.

Start of newest piece. Gonna be a bunch of bisected layers in the end.

Finished this series of four paintings that have been in progress for a while. Each is oil on canvas, 36"x24":

Accumulating Triangles
Accumulating Squares
Accumulating Pentagons
Accumulating Hexagons

Made with four unmixed oil colors thinned a bunch with Neo Megilp, across three passes with two colors per painting per pass (a steady inner color for each, varying outer colors), with one-inch masking tape outlines each time.

Really happy with how they came together.

Annnnd this first pass is finished. May or may not have time to give the colors a second pass before the band needs the art for release. I'm Not unhappy with it how it is now, and I feel better about it as a complete piece than in progress, but there's colors I would change and lines I'd refine.

Work in progress, oil on canvas over an acrylic base. Commission for a friend's band's upcoming single release. There's been one more section at the bottom, filling out the cube/hexagon space in another set of hues.

This started as a very clean flat vector mockup and so I'm struggling a little bit to not freak out over the translation to real, messy paint strokes and oil colors; free-handing curves is dicey stuff. But the organic feeling fits the theme, so, okay. More tomorrow.

Red, Yellow, Blue with Tape
oil on canvas, 24"x24"

Continuing to explore translucent color fields with masking tape.