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Josh Millard

Refractions II
oil on canvas, 36"x36"

Keeping on with a theme. Some stuff proceeded with more confidence for this one, some stuff didn't work out the way I thought it might.

Big surprise for me is how geometrically unstable it feels; it's very very easy to essentially invert the implied geometry to see this as point out toward the viewer instead of receding, but that's incompatible with the perspective and so it won't really settle down at all.

Whew. Interior done, most of the way there now; just need to settle on and execute a treatment for the background. *rubs crick in neck*

workin' on a big paaaaaaaintiiiiing

Translucent three-point perspective Menger vector sketch, working through some ideas for a painting.

Been a slow start to 2018, art-wise, but here's some lasercutter hijinks from this afternoon.

Here's that foretold laser version of the Sol Lewitt stuff I was doing yesterday.

Using Inkscape to do vector graphics riffing on Sol Lewitt. Will throw this at the laser cutter next.

Specifically, I made a modular zoetrope with my laser cutter. It works okay! I need to think harder about the optics of my designs to find stuff that will animate well in this context, but the principle seems really really sound and I'm happy with it as a start.

Germ of a Conway's Life art direction: vector sketch, laser cut specimens.

Accumulating Sierpinski Carpet
oil on canvas, 24"x24"

This is finally done after a couple of weeks of slow layer-by-layer process, and boy howdy I'm happy with who it came together in the end.

Decomposed 2-iteration Menger sponge, distinct layers.

Prototype sub-assembly for a 2-iteration Menger sponge kit. Full kit will be 414 pieces! (Most of them the very small ones.)

Wrote up some more details on this test on birbsite:

A couple morning experiments with laser cut layers:

1. a stratified wooden sphere enclosed in a clear acrylic cube.

2. a stack of accumulating bisections of material.

Taking that fractal lattice experiment further, with a stack of five iteration layers of increasing complexity, cut very delicately from basswood and glued together. From this angle you can't see that the bottom layer literally caught fire. Lasers, man.

Back at it: larger clear acrylic 1-iteration Menger sponge from the glowforge.