Bunch of new plotter drawings today, running with a geometric "encoding" object in a variety of ways. All ten of 'em up on my art site: art.joshmillard.com/2021/05/08

Some process reasoning on my Patreon blog: patreon.com/posts/51031872

And the drawings themselves are available for purchase on my store: etsy.com/listing/1015893581/en

Celebratory "I spent two hours refactoring my code so it works better in a way that's utterly unreflected in its visual output" plot.

Hey, I got my art website back up to date finally! Check out art.joshmillard.com/ where can browse through my work from the last few years in oil and watercolor painting, stained glass, linocut prints, and my recent dive into plotter drawings.

Currently going through linocut work from early last year and really enjoying seeing some of this stuff again after mostly having carved, printed, and moved on pretty rapidly at the time.

This is a gloomier likeness than I'd intended at the time but it's maybe my favorite self-portrait to date as far as how much I like the look of the work itself.

Hello, art friends and art-likers!

Would you like to get art, from me, in the mail, every month? How convenient for us both: I've just added some art-by-mail tiers to my Patreon page. Get a postcard from me monthly, or a larger piece of work! Some details on the what and why here:


More plotter work up on my store:


I finished up this series of eight polygonal spiral plotter drawings yesterday. Each was drawn in three separate passes, with red, yellow, and blue Micron 05 pigment markers; each spiral is slightly randomly perturbed, leading to chance variation in the pattern of colors as the three ink passes cluster and cross and collide.

Yesterday was all about experimenting with and expanding my retinue of my home-rolled hatching routines. Got some stuff I'm really happy with out of it along the way.

Putting up some of these one-off plotter drawings I've been creating on my store; these will be cases where I'm especially happy with the output of an experimental process, and in most cases will probably represent a snapshot in time where the code that produced it will get rewritten/mangled/etc afterward as my experimentation proceeds.


Goofy non-horrid-prank April 1 thing we did for MetaFilter: a 12-page activity book called Uncle Mefi's Big Book of Beans.

Available as PDF, individual page images, and text descriptions/transcriptions where doable.


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