non-binary version of 7 Up, 14 series and it's called Where Are They/Them Now

[bowing elaborately] perchance you are fucking kidding me

Crow in Profile, stained glass, 11"x12". Built this over the last few days, made a whole step-by-step process thread over on the birb site if you want to see the details.

[singing dramatically] did iiii ever telll yooou
you're F-Zerooooooo

Back to watercolor the last couple days, doing a series based on the offset squares stuff I've been messing with lately. I, II, III, IV...

movie about a guy with teeth for fingers, it's called Edward Incisorhands

can't walk away from Omelas without breaking a few eggs

@valrus There's an awful lot of gooeyness there, yeah. Honestly part of why there's not more asymmetry and randomness in the current crop is I've been mostly hand-drafting and Inkscape's toolset for mucking things up isn't as robust as I'd like. I need to get back to coding so I can get more actively weird.

Opinion poll, was Bush intentionally quoting in "Comedown" the bassline groove in the verse of Bon Jovi's "Living On A Prayer" or just freak rock coincidence?

@11011110 well now they might be what I do with my morning, we'll see

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