Tumble out of bed
And feelin' all blurry
Pour myself a
Bucket of slurry
Scream and torque and
Try to rise from death

@hellojed Nice! The first one looks a lot like one of the KnitYak scarves by
mastodon.social/@fbz in fact!

it turns out the real heartworms were inside us all along

@sandrockcstm the only way to make it stop is to microwave your phone, sorry about this, i work for the microwave company and this is their new big thing to up sales for the holiday season

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oh boy it's a thing plus an additional thing again Show more

@June oh man i still never finished the Sierpinski carpet there, i was burning out on it right as the bad days of block repop were really heating up

@churl I dunno! It used to not work on iphones at all, then a friend sent me a small patch and now it does work on my iphone in safari but *shruuuuug*

@templewulf I did...something or other to prevent async? I don't remember what. It might just be the nature of the once-a-second call, but there's probably some measurable but small pre-load delay up front. Problem with not looking at your own code for years, I really don't remember the details!

@vanderZwan i try to operate in a wafer-thin Venn diagram intersection kind of space

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