I keep listening to this synth cover another MetaFilter member did of Brian Eno's "Here Come The Warm Jets":


sorry, i should clarify, from now on this account is just for direct transcriptions of stuff my mom posts on my instagram account

He's the guy who's
Is his name
Being Spider-
Man's his game
Look out!
Spider-Man's Spider-Man

having a real "in retrospect I have no obligation to the shitty lack of boundaries 20-something me had" kind of morning/week/year

you can't take the sky from me you law-talking naysayer

commercial where a family rides their bikes literally into the sky

"do not attempt"


i'm only happy when my body's rottin'
my bones revealed my flesh all blue and sodden
i'm only happy as remaaaaaaains

SHIRLEY MANSON: would you please cut it--

SHIRLEY MANSON'S GOTHIER, COMPETITIVE SISTER: poooooooooour formaldahyde down

@courtney a more practical take on the same general design could strip out a whole lot of the suggested small glass/mosaic elements while keeping the general figure the same and trying to chase down the general broken-color look. It's an interesting question of how well the design would simplify while still having that weird energy.

@courtney oh jeez are we talking about this, then?


because ding dang that'd be a hell of a lot of glass bits, yeah. Easily a four-digit job and quite big, taken at vace value; like, nothing fundamentally not-doable about it though all sorts of little bits would need to be tweaked, but there's definitely some freedom there from practical needs in how that stylizing filter did its work.

@courtney Ah! I was getting an index and not sure which thing I was looking at. I'll look and think a bit!

THIS IS A QUILT. Somebody designed this and sewed it up with hundreds or even thousands of pieces of fabric. Don't ever let anyone say textiles can't be art. Amazing. (Not my photo, quilt is by Montse Forcadell Blasco.)

"Over time, tattoos do fade and "feather" or spread out as the substructure of the skin changes and loses elasticity. It can also change dramatically with exposure to sunlight and UV. I assume the later won't be much of a problem for a vampire."

gimme that dry humor

A friend posted on Ask MetaFilter to ask if Wolverine can usefully get tattoos and I kind of love this:


And it also has me thinking about like metaphysical tattoos where beings with powers over the laws of the universe get new tattoos not by sticking ink in their bodies but by tweaking e.g. protein folding so that an existing gene sequence now manifests a different phenotypical visual pattern.

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