i have had the hiccups for ten minutes, which, it turns out, is how long eternity is

listening to Time (the Revelator) for the first time and golly. The old school vox harmonies on this are so good. I know Welch exists, I've heard her on stuff, but never really listened to her straight through and I'm immediately on board.

local NextDoor has calmed down a little about protests and confronting the concept of racism and is back to it's primary obsession: figuring out if that was gunshots

cause we're all in the
mood for a
and you've got us

@phooky Ha, didn't even think about that. I mean I carved my Haystack Rock last night without remembering to mirror too but you have to really know the formation for that to stand out.

@phooky did you stab yourself, because i feel like i've been really clear about the whole try not to stab yourself thing

also this is cool

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