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@ardgedee (That's all for the "what if I just wanted to buy a take-what-I-can-get commodity unit of this design" version of the question, I should say. If you want to like *commission* commission something, we can talk about that too, and yeah just email me or whatever.)

@ardgedee I've been thinking through the material/production/assembly economics of that, because I like the idea of selling 'em and might start doing so along with a couple other designs.

And I think depending on the material, this particular guy is probably a $15ish, assemble-yourself item? Partly a question of volume and workflow, because that's marking up proportional material cost a good bit but there's setup time and pretty small raw margin still per unit.

Tonight I managed to finalize a working design for a laser cut Menger sponge (vs. the simpler pseudo-sponge with no insides that I'd done recently).

Doesn't look a ton different from the pseudo-sponge at a glance, but it's far more mathematically satisfying. Has a nicer heft too from the extra pieces. Also a lot more work to put together!

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Here's the cover art: @joshmillard did the etching & photo -- I cropped it, tinkered with the color a bit & added the type. Decided to call it done before I could second-guess it.

Sixth pass on Accumulating Bisections; fourth pass on Accumulating Sierpinski Carpet; action shot of that fourth pass going on.

@sculpin @is I am enjoying being annoyed at this. Call Me Betty is just about perfect.

It's the most wonderful time of the year: the time to lose your mind and/or punish others with the best worst thing I've ever made, a random infinite xmas carol generator:

@DialMforMara subtle alignment issue; if you look close at the edges, the bigger squares are cutting right into the littlest squares instead of neatly in perimeters around them. It's an issue of like just 1-2 millimeters but also massively ruining the mathematical intent.

Did a great big 90 minute glowforge cut today, of this 5-iteration Sierpinski carpet...and had a fuck up right at the end with the software that led to an alignment problem that ruined the whole thing.

I mean it's still neat looking, but it's fucked up too and I was hoping to make one that wasn't fucked up.

@emdeesee The best part of living in a 100+ year old house is trying to figure out WHICH generation of previous homeowner fucked up with particular bit of the large strange slow machine I'm expected to sleep soundly in at night somehow.

Did my first clear acrylic cut with the glowforge tonight (after figuring out the my original planned cut for the evening was gonna take 87 minutes, which, nah, that can wait till tomorrow).

This actually looks pretty cool?

Experimenting this morning with laser-cutting leaves.

Also continuing on this one. Related to the ideas in the last toot but a different approach to the process, slightly different materials. Hope it looks rad when its done but for now mostly I expect to be a little surprised at the end.

Fifth pass on this. Every time I add more it changes and I find myself missing how it used to look, and every time I get used to it in time to feel conflicted at the next pass. It's a weird piece to work on, having to force myself to follow through on the plan I made at the start because if I don't force the issue and ignore my in-the-moment feelings I'll never find out how something like this can go.

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just once i want to give one of these camping friends a handful of bugs and have the game cut to the "making a smoothie" cut scene

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My new post-hardcore concept album about Hansel and Gretel, "...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Bread"