voronoia voronoia
graph centroids are comin' ta
get meeeeee

a common theme in my uneasy dreams is getting into a logistically untenable situation and then trying and repeatedly failing to somehow navigate to a solution through the swampy hell of dream logic, which is even more useless than awake logic

anyway last night i snuck? onto a chill space mission and we were trying to figure out how to conceal that fact, like someone crashing long-term at an apartment they weren't on the lease for

well, we've made it through another Black Friday, or, as my goth friends call it, Friday

(i guess i should have said British royalty, but i think it's probably very in form for an American to lazily fail to make the distinction, so just call me Target Demo)

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Ask Masto: should I watch The Crown if I don't really give a shit about English royalty but I really enjoy Olivia Coleman's work

@allaboutgeorge he basically has MSNBC on at full volume all day long, he can't hear me at all, it's terrible

LET'S hear it for the BOOOOYS
The boys are back in TOOOW-OW-ow-OWW-ow-ow-OWWWWNNN

@cosine a pseudohemidemisemicolon? It was agreed that they would no longer be recognized or discussed, as a condition of the 1978 Comma Accord.

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