JESUS: "Take this, and drink."
APOSTLES: *sipping wine*
JESUS: "It is my blood."
APOSTLES: *synchronized spit take*

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game pitch: mashup of detective procedural and Bake Off pastiche, where you have to solve a murder by investigating the folks involved in a episodic baking successfully competing in the baking show.

Snoop around the tent, question the competitors and the hosts, look for clues on people's baking tables, but for god's sake don't underbake your pastry or forget to put the eggs in or you'll be bid a tearful goodbye and the murderer will get off scot free.

Honky Kong Country
[picture of goose stealing a banana]

It's like being obsessed with the sestina form except much shorter and much stupider but still a weird mental pain in the ass.

So probably at least once a week my brain goes back to it, apropos of who fucking knows what. It's favorite candidate to offer up is what I've come to think of as the Nihilist variant:

Nothin' says nothin' like nothin' from the nothin'.

i have this personal cursed snowclone in the old Pillsbury slogan, "nothing says lovin' like something from the oven", which my brain endless returns to wanting to parameterize into other "x says y like z from the w" utterances.

It's cursed because (a) who cares about an old Pillsbury slogan and (b) four parameters is a lot to organize, especially against (c) a slant rhyming scheme across all four parameters and (d) the added load of "nothing" vs. "something" as members of a semantic set.

@aparrish just pretend it is itself GPT-2 output and just skim the first paragraph while thinking "not bad, not quite plausibly human but not bad..."

@kaerhon Yeah, just whipped one up for it though it turns out mastodon doesn't love that. Tossed it on some web space. Didn't think about scale on the image so browser thinks its huge, but, y'know, SVG, manipulate at will. Included both a stroke version and a path outline version depending on what works better for you.

@idesofmerch DON BLUTH: [gesturing violently with lit cigarette] look there's a reason I didn't call it all CHILDREN go to heaven, you understand me

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