New plotter drawings, new blog post about plotter drawings! This time I'm messing around with what's known as the Lazy Caterer's sequence, which is a mathematical question about how many pieces you can slice a pie into with a certain number of cuts (if, implicitly, you are a sociopath who wants to get fired from your catering job for cutting up a pie like you're a serial killer)

I woke up in between
A memory and Dr. Breen
[harmonica riff]
There's someone I used to know
In Ravenholm where we don't go
[harmonica riff]

@courtney i'm going to be honest, i've had a couple beers and am definitely going to bed

Bunch of new plotter drawings the last couple days, whole set up in a blog post. Most surprising bit was this veer toward a kind of simulated wildlife poster, want to lean into this a bit more.

everybody else is fine, it's just 144K Dennis Nedry's getting the clever girl treatment and then life goes on

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humongous biblical interpretation error, turns out it's the veLOCirapture, people don't disappear and go to heaven so much as get violently murdered and eaten by asshole dinosaurs

Bunch of new plotter drawings today, running with a geometric "encoding" object in a variety of ways. All ten of 'em up on my art site:

Some process reasoning on my Patreon blog:

And the drawings themselves are available for purchase on my store:

Doordash: "your order has been placed and your driver will pick it up"

Skadash: "your order has been placed and your driver will pick it up, pick it up, pick it up"

Celebratory "I spent two hours refactoring my code so it works better in a way that's utterly unreflected in its visual output" plot.

Crouched in a ready and set position, looking from one creative project to another and then another and then back to the first, waiting for the gun to go off, gun's not going off, crouched as all hell, so ready, all these things, just ready to sprint off and do 'em, soon as that gun goes off, where's the gun, am i crouching on the gun, am i the gun, is the gun empty, getting some leg cramps here

Hey, I got my art website back up to date finally! Check out where can browse through my work from the last few years in oil and watercolor painting, stained glass, linocut prints, and my recent dive into plotter drawings.

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