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@aparrish It's funny, I've taken an interest in a cluster of styles that seem to be perceived as born-lived-died entirely within the span of the late 60s to late 70s, and feel like I'm showing up forty years after the funeral (though in reality lots of people have kept right on at it, death/failure of whatever notwithstanding). And in a lot of cases, "but with computers!" seems to be the big distinguishing factor; Molnar kinda crosses that gap I guess, moving to computer-driven renderings.

@aparrish Ah hell yeah, Vera Molnar! I just learned about her earlier this year I think, can't even remember what context exactly.

some of the original notes on Conway's game of life, written out on a typewriter. they are so beautiful and endearing.

A thing I'd forgotten about the original Divinity that has carried on into the second one is just how much the game is like "gated difficulty? naw, wander in their and get your ass killed, I won't stop you".

ABBA biopic called A Star Is Bjorn

call me, hollywood and/or Swedish Film Board

Showed a random Gritty thing I saw on my phone offhandedly to my family today at a get together which is how I figured out that (a) nobody in my family knew who Gritty was and (b) maybe if you're not either in Philadelphia or as constantly online as I am I shouldn't assume you know about Gritty and (c) a sultry pinup take on Gritty wasn't the best footing from which to introduce the subject

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