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so let it rock
let it rollllll
fansub of Bible Black come and
save my soooooulll

Reboot of Doom but this time it takes place entirely on hobos

The Girls and the Cup
2 Girls 1 Cup
The Girls and the Cup: Tokyo Drift
Girls & Cup
Girls Five
Girls & Cup 6
Cup 7
The Fate of the Girls

I know this is gmail just cutting off a description of the cat's color but this still feels like someone interrupting their own distress signal to let you know how innocent and perfect their little beans-boy is

One Flew Over A Mocking-Rye And The Sea And Prejudice

Experimenting with time-based portraits of 2D automata lifeforms.

welp it turns out that I'm not in the right emotional state to listen to Laurie Anderson's album about her dog dying

Accumulating Quadrants: Blue, Yellow, Red In Rotation
watercolor and pencil, 15”x11”

Accumulating Quadrants: Red, Yellow, Blue
watercolor and pencil, 15”x11”

Uptown girl
She's been living in a
For ninety years now she's been
On that ride
All the other passengers
Have died
She's still inside

Whoa o-o-Oh-o-Oh-o

Vam-pir-ic hunger grows
For more centri-
fugic souls for my

Uptown girl
She's my uptown gi-i-irl
(Supplying victims to my)
Uptown girl
(Ancient carnivalan)
Uptown girl
(Torquing blood out for my)

i deserve an award for not like absolutely going to town on three different unsuspecting internet dinguses this weekend

i've never had a better excuse to absolutely fly off the handle about this or that petty complaint

grief is stupid and weird but it's nice to do it around friends

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