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literally the only silver lining I can take from this is the implication that I have invented a kind of occult vector description practice that can shatter worlds

Like if it's a problem with the file I was just working with, the problem is that I somehow drew a collection of equilateral triangles sufficiently wrongly that it crashes the entire web app ecosystem and throws it into a brain fever, just by trying to load that cut blueprint.

This is after the software has imported and given a thumbs up *to* that blueprint during the initial import from .svg stage, mind you, so whatever the eldritch command I'm uttering is, it doesn't notice it up front.

The worst part is that my best guess as to the cause is a specific sort of entity in an .svg that causes the plugin to crash, but without any feedback at all (certainly without any warning that there's a design/geometry error), and if that's so then the natural cycle of trying to restart and resume with what I was working on triggers it again.

What the nature of that .svg problem? Who knows, Cricut doesn't document that stuff! And I'm making very blase, non-notable geometry layouts.

And the state of rando proprietory niche software is such that if it would allow me to do exactly one cut job between iterations of this loop, I'd put it up with it. I'd reinstall the fucking update every time I needed to cut something, and call it a shitty but workable situation.

But I can't do *anything* when it's doing this, and following the guidance they have for fixing it accomplishes nothing either. Last time this happened I just fed up and didn't use the fucking thing for six months.

It will do a thing sometimes, for reasons that have never been clear, where every time I try to get started on a project on the design space, it will insist I need to reinstall/update the software. Which I do, at which point it loads okay until I try to do something at which point it crashes. And then when I load it again, tells me I need to reinstall/update the software. Ad infinitum.

In trying-to-get-some-art-done news, the Cricut continues to be a great little papercutting tool and the Cricut software continues to be a fucking shit torpedo from Satan's dickhole.

reworked Sonic will be exactly the same except his pupils have been replaced by tiny hands throwing up middle fingers

"how's your day going" oh fine except i had to hastily delete and repost a toot because i absentmindedly joked about the wrong ninja turtle having a big dick



love on an escalator
shoelaces caught while you're going down

Zachtronics should make this game and just call it Zachs and everybody is a clone of Zach

then every calculation can be performed by a bunch of people standing in a carefully constructed branching line, receiving zero or more incoming high fives, reciting their phrase, and then if applicable turning around and passing on a high five of their own

trying to rework logic gates as folksy aphorisms and internet riffs, like

AND: “por que no los dos?”
NOT: “that ain’t it, chief”
XOR: “if it’s not what thing it’s another”
NAND: “you can’t have it both ways"

HOWARD ZINN: [drunk and yelling at passing cars] a people's history of DEEZ NUTS



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