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gonna take my horse
to the swamp of sadness
gonna riiiiide till i--
Artax, you're sinking! Fight against the sadness, Artax! ARTAAAAXXXX

Couple new works in progress. Hope you like Hilbert curves, because apparently all we got in stock right now is Hilbert curves.

Why teeth great till you got a toothache
Can't chew, just pain inside of my face
Best friend drove me to the dentist office
I'm mumbling, help me out with all this
Fresh x-rays, molar looks like swiss cheese
Doc offers nitrous I say yes please
Tooth hurts, gonna get a root canal now
Bom bom bi dom di no va caine

i just took a DNA test, turns out I'm 100% going to jail for shoplifting

CHEF: Vapes? I dunno, kids, what about...

CHEF: *chuckling, hand flourish*

CHEF: ...what about crepes?

Finally getting around to that 2014 album Pink Floyd put out and it sounds like exactly what I heard it described as: leftover instrumental tracks from Division Bell.

It's not bad, it's just...a bunch of that. DB and Momentary Lapse were both already sort of weird meh epilogue's to the band's strongest output. Interesting to hear little bits that feel like they might have had a place on WYWH, but all in all it feels like a PF-themed jam band doing a credible improvised pastiche.

What many younger gamers don't realize is that the Sonic games as originally release were very slow, casually-paced games, one of the original "walking simulators".

It's only because of the naive dependency of those early game developers on CPU-cycle based timing loops -- under the assumption that CPU speed could be treated as a fixed constant -- that the games now run far too quickly under modern emulation conditions.

"Gotta Go Fast" was originally a kind of zen koan, not Sonic's aspiration.

sorry, this is my one US politics toot literally ever, I will go back to puns and fractals shortly

remember Dave, the movie where the President is waylaid by vicissitudes and so they have a person pretend to be the President and the biggest stressors in the film are where maybe he's behaving very slightly oddly and what if a scrutizing press and public realized and had a catastrophic sliver of doubt about the fitness of the president

reading that recent "what if I got into foot fetish modeling?" arc on QC and look i feel like at some point you gotta do the math on how much you want people to start jacking off to your strip about your character wondering about whether to have people jack off to images of their feet, and when you make a panel that's just a closeup of their feet you've probably already done that math, right

not judging, but

right? you've probably thought that through?

it was the best of times, it was Fred Durst of times

I carumba? *I* carumba? Motherfucker, *you* carumba.

something something cat as essential motif in spanish composition something obbligato

a universe in which nobody is mad at you because you're a transporter accident clone, THOMAS, they're mad at you because you're an ASSHOLE

Maybe what I mistake as really dubious character plotting on the show ("wait, nobody ever talks about this gigantic fucking life change a week later?") is actually just a portrait of visionary acceptance in a universe where pscyhophysical bifurcation and alternate universe swaparoos just *happen sometimes* and everybody is comparatively really radically chill and inclusive about it

It's Not Shitty Writing, It's A Utopian Trans Narrative

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