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Schroedinger's spam: is this a soccer thing or a foot fetish thing

Announcing Hellraver (2020)

I am so pleased that this mostly came out the way I wanted it to the first go round. There are tweaks I want to make, and I still have to make a jig to actually permanently affix the sides together, but goddamn. Sometimes a dumb idea works out almost exactly how you envisioned it.

Also it still smells absolutely TERRIBLE XD

#mastoart #hellraiser #LED #horror #WhoLetSashaUseIndustrialEquipment #NotAfterLastTime #OhNoNotAgain

you wouldn't download a car
you wouldn't download a phone
you wouldn't download a floor
you wouldn't download a me

i wouldn't have guessed i'd be here for the "no, actually, FUCK mister peanut" takes today but i guess i am

TIRED: "sorry i'm hungover after too much mexican lager"
WIRED: "yeah i got the corona virus"

current status: doing the "hello, my name is inigo montoya" line to myself over and over in the Squiggy from Laverne & Shirley voice for reasons beyond my ken

There was also that movie with Matthew Broderick as a guy working at a lab that was dosing chimpanzees with radiation to see how long air force pilots could fly while dying, and he broke some monkeys out? That might have been some sort of Project too but I'm not sure. Anyway, THAT was some fuckin' grim watching as a kid too.

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I'm pretty sure one has John Lithgow and an RC car and a homemade nuclear bomb, and the other on has a like solarization effect on a disappearing/timetraveling? naval vessel, and really that's about it.

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When I was a kid I saw some portion of the films "The Manhattan Project" and "The Philadelphia Project", without really fully paying attention to either or having any context for them, and they've remained a kind of soup in my brain ever since even as I've managed to intellectually separate the subject matter after the fact.

I feel like I should probably give both another watch even if they'll probably both be disappointing relative to that vague childhood soup of memory.

just found myself accidentally writing a pretty, melancholy ballad about Amigara Fault so we'll see if that turns into anything

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