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Cherisse don't like it
Rock the Cyd, brah
Rock the Cyd, brah

tired: Harkonnen heartplugs
wired: Atreides heart pugs

[wandering in right at the start of a wake] top 'o the mournin' to ya

On a zoom call with some MeFite friends still and the conversation has taken a detour into "what was that thread where people were talking about that one cool kind of binder clip" and honestly I'm so thankful for my weird life and job and friendships

Friend 1: "are you the sort of person who can stop reading a book without feeling bad?
Friend 2: "I'm not the sort of person who can do ANYTHING without feeling bad"

a very happy mmmMOOOTHEERRRRRRR! Day to Glenn Danzig

Remake of Resident Evil 4 where everything is the same except instead of Leon Kennedy it's Jerri Blank

"Sir, any concerns about a kebab shortage?"
No, we have a robust doner base.
"Any worries about flatbread supplies?"
That's a naan-issue.

tired: the arrow must first travel half the distance, then half the remainder, then half that, ad infinitum

wired: never gonna get it never gonna get it, neeeever gonna get it never gonna get it

Dystopian Fiction Author Actually Sort Of Wishing People Would Stop Asking For Interviews

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