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Next Silent Hill game should be a meta-reboot of Silent Hill 2 about a guy who can't let go of his emotional trauma about how badly the franchise has been treated and so descends into a world of hazy madness where he keeps playing the ever-mutating game he's in until he's finally happy, which he never is

i've done the math and there are too many video games

Linocut tonight just to force myself to do some work after a dry spell.

*slapping roof of non-orientable surface* this bad boy can fit one side in it

Three new prints up on my Etsy.

Also will continue (for as long people order 'em) to donate sales for the "Game Is Simple" print to the Black Resilience Fund here in Portland, OR.

the kind of prank where someone's like "i have something really important and serious to tell you...i'm dying of cancer JUST KIDDING I GOT THE PROMOTION AT WORK" except as federal government

keeps fucking me up that there's a guy named Jack Dorsey in my neighborhood, it's not THAT Jack Dorsey but he's also not great

fantasy JRPGs except replace all the drakes with just literally male ducks

"I’m Derek from [redacted].com, a watersports enthusiast residing from Vancouver, British Columbia who runs a passion blog about getting out into the water."

derek i'm gonna stop you right there

I'm also used to being really close to the metal with MeFi which I know is a much more outlier position for the average person, so I know I have a more specific kind of frustration with opaque or ambiguous UI and moderation/functional transparency than most folks, and I'm sure that factors into my bogglement some. But still, this is just...broken?

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I'm used to finding comment section mechanics outside of MetaFilter frustrating for design philosophy reasons; I dislike nesting comments, I dislike auto-collapsing nests/branches, I strongly dislike algorithmically selected auto-collapsing. But this is the first time in clear memory that I hit a site where on top of all that stuff just didn't actually end up displaying even when you jumped through all the hoops. It's bizarre!

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NextDoor journey, chapter seven: welcome to UI hell. Have been trying to figure out why a comment that wasn't deleted also isn't visible in a thread; sanity-checked with a lead, they confirmed no deletions and also I keep getting "thanks" reactions on the comment so some people can see it...but I can't! ND collapses threads and you have to manually click to view branches of additional comments replies, but expanding everything in the thread shows...72 of a purported 76 comments.

TIRED: "let's watch Columbo"
WIRED: "are you down 2 falk"

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