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A Better Son/Daughter coming on on shuffle and absolutely fucking me up like it always does but especially so tonight

I give approximately zero shits about my actual birthday as far as celebration or meaningfulness of the date goes, but it's two years in a row that MetaFilter's birthday has been consumed by incredibly stressful and emotionally exhausting circumstances and fucking hell I would like to have a nice one again ever.

Through and past it all it's still a wonderful site that I care deeply about and am proud to run. But it's a real "sadly half-fluttering party noisemaker" kind of day today.

current therapeutic process: microKORG with arpeggiator set to "rnd", plowing down a complicated chord every 30-60 seconds

I bought a microKORG! I have recorded my first song featuring it, called "I Bought A MicroKORG (I Apologize)":

are you telling me a female chicken acquired this salad by force

"this game is appropriate for mature audiences"

hey man i AM mature

i'm mature as fUCK

told somebody i would buy their lightly used microKORG last night, and am picking it up tonight, and somehow the fact that I do not have it already is approaching age 10, waiting for SMB2 to come out levels of injured tortured anticipation

i could be vocoding RIGHT NOW

already nearly asleep wife asked for a glass of water and a footrub and then never touched the water and fell fully asleep in minute one of the footrub

this is okay, she's adorable and had a long day, but i'm totally drinking that water now

if anyone would like to do the sort of cancelling me where I get to be wealthy and not have to talk to people, i'm willing to go for it

i don't even want to do anything horrid first, you can just give me the money and the privacy

i promise not to publish any essays about it

girl are you a vi user's escape key because you look chronically depressed

i have had the hiccups for ten minutes, which, it turns out, is how long eternity is

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