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Test print from a first go at linocut reduction printing today; both the blue sky and the black powerline foreground are carved from the same linocut block, in two separate stages of carving, so there's no going back after making the first clump of blue-sky prints.

I'm going to follow up in a couple days with the rest of the prints fo this once that blue sky layer dries more, but I wanted to at least try one while it was still wet today to see how it looked. Which: not bad! Pretty happy.

[singing jazz while craning neck upward sharply] HEY, LARGE SPENDER

New art blog post: documenting my current process for tearing down large sheets of art paper into smaller printing-ready pieces!

Added a couple of Blaseball prints to my store, if you feel like owning a bit of the intersection between fine-art block printing and internet shitposting: "502 Bad Gateway" and "Charleston Shoe Thieves".

A monk came to Jōshū with a dilemma: Superman 2 was premiering that night, but also Rush was playing in town, and he could not decide which to attend.

The master said, you will experience regret no matter what choices you make in your life.

The monk said, then how can I ever decide?

Jōshū spread his hands gently and said, Neil before Zod.

Recorded a blaseball stadium sing-along anthem as a style pastiche of "Take Me Out To The Ballgame", and it's called "Let Me Into The Blaseball"

Let me into the blaseball
Let me into the stands
The crackle of peanuts, the crack of the gunblades
The screaming of millions of terrified fans

Every week is a year long
Time flies when you're eaten by birds
So let me into the blaseball
And read me the Forbidden Words

that feeling when someone ats you but deletes their toot before you can read it, and you don't know if it's a regret-toot or just an a typo/autocorrect redraft that will be along shortly


This weird sense of achievement of having taken enough successful action to reduce, for the time being at least, my ambient anxiety level enough to actually confirm that it sure does seem like there's some depression chilling out under there.

the pipe that supplies a cheese fountain is called a fonduit

Spent a couple hours today listening to old Phil Collins records to figure out if I like old Phil Collins records and the answer turns out to be "pretty much no". Shaking myself from this self-imposed stupor to listen to something I actually like.

federated social media fishing competition show

the great masto bait-off

A Powerful Culture
linocut print, 21.5"x12.5"

Text from the Sandia Labs report on long-term nuclear storage warnings.

Original prints for sale here:

Notes and process photos on my (wholly public) patreon blog:

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