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it's still good, you can repurpose it as a set miniature for the next Alien prequel

sabermetrics for reworking the Taco Bell menu, key stat would be VORL, "value over replacement layer"

william carlos williams this is just to says trans rights

Putting my hair on the line as part of MetaFilter's September fundraiser.

The site operates largely off direct support from community members and the web community at large; for every new $50 in monthly contributions we see this month, I'll cut an inch of my hair off.

Had a dream last night where "I" was bowhunting for game on horseback in some post-apoc survival context, and when I galloped up parallel to something to try to get a clean shot it got very video game, with the camera switching to a sort of sideways over the shoulder slomo view with an aiming reticule circle drifting diagonally toward a headshot release point.

The mystery is: did I see this slowmo shooting UI in a game teaser at some point or is my brain doing game design pitches while sleeping

*typing angrily in the dark* how come there's not a song for MISTER American Pie approach to the problem of predicting complex phenomena is to forgo a formal analytical approach entirely and instead rely on simulations with a model to assess a distribution of outcomes.

One popular form of this, the Monte Carlos Santana method, involves subjecting the data to endless repeats of the song "Smooth" ft. Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 until the data gives up and goes away, thereby eliminating the need to produce any results at all.

Okay, I've made a video game and it's called Gunther O'Brian's Pitching Simulator and it's a game where you try to help Gunther, who is a penguin who doesn't know anything about blaseball, throw the ball better.

why do they call it "the arena corridor in which Nancy Kerrigan was attacked in 1994 by a baton-wielding assailant" and not the "rod/knee danger field" okay good night sorry good night

tried to arrest this guy but I accidentally put him in monocles and now he's my boss

Test print from a first go at linocut reduction printing today; both the blue sky and the black powerline foreground are carved from the same linocut block, in two separate stages of carving, so there's no going back after making the first clump of blue-sky prints.

I'm going to follow up in a couple days with the rest of the prints fo this once that blue sky layer dries more, but I wanted to at least try one while it was still wet today to see how it looked. Which: not bad! Pretty happy.

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