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Batmanman, a man who dresses up like a Batman and fights crime

Batmanmanman, a--

Managed to accidentally throw three slices of pizza on the kitchen floor so well that i definitely had to just throw them out.

Fortunately these were leftovers and there was another three left that I managed to safely pilot into my mouth.

People frequently misunderstand George Romero's "Night of the Living Dead" as a simple puddle-deep monster movie, but it's actually a striking social allegory about how your brother is an asshole and deserves to be fucking eaten by zombies

a lot of misc. blaseball shitpost content accruing over time in my photoshop folder and i refuse to explain any of it

oh dang i could probably use my lino tools on a pumpkin huh

*chews cigar stub, shuffles cards*

Gentlemen, shall we play?

*cuts deck, starts dealing out hands*

The game is Texas Fold 'Em.

*stands up, leaps out ten story window*

Cap looking over his shoulder and being fucking amazed at how much better computers have gotten since the war

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Bruce Banner hearing "Avengers, Assemble" for the first time and booting up an old DOS box and running TASM

Wondering if you slowed the melody of Yakkety Sax down like 8-fold and sung it as a torchy ballad with brooding lyrics if that'd sufficiently disguise it from recognizability.

Because the joy of then playing that back fro someone after at 8x and make them realize they were having feelings about Yakkety Sax would be a nice chaser.

in ancient Rome, dad jokes were called "patter familias"

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