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dammit i'm trying to learn about quaternions now and I really don't like it

if i can just do enough geometry, next year will be good

bleaching your teeth
retiring Flash
talking trash
under my window

*gruff voice*
if anyone EVER finds out about this...
*grabbing collar, leaning in*
...they'll think it's EXTREMELY cool

resisted the urge to jump off the water tower, gonna see where this Content goes

just got a text message from my girlfriend, that was probably chance timing too

oh he's literally offering me his pistol now

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anyway after that it's a compulsory flirty walk with him and then a climb up a water tower and he's talking about raising kids and to top all of this off I have one of the random plotted excruciating neurological episodes you just have throughout the game and he just keeps fuckin' talking about how great the view is while I'm doubling over and cursing in pain

this probably wasn't supposed to be one of the satirical parts of the game but

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managed to somehow cause a bug where I literally stood up on my chair and broke the conversation, which feels thematically on point

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cyberpunk cutscene that's clearly the romance hook at the end of a questline with an NPC, and it takes the form of a family dinner with dude and his sister and her little kids and they're all talking about how he likes you, and playing a confirmed lesbian with zero interest in him it's a usefully uncomfortable lens into being trapped into a heteronormative pipeline.

The most "no" i'm allowed to say is to quietly eat and say nothing after the kids ask for a show of hands if we should date.

spot the differences puzzle where both scenes are exactly the same exact that all life in the second panel has become denuded skeletons in the years following a neutron bomb explosion that killed everyone in the space between the panels

for those not familiar with the concept, the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction is the rare event when someone sets a Criterion Collection bluray of Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey" on top of a paperback copy of Arthur C. Clark's novel of the same name



He's the man
The man with the neuter touch
No horse-balls touch

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