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if you're happy and you know it, collapse your waveform

if you create something in a Dr. Suess aesthetic that's called Geiselpunk

going to assume David Letterman will wake up shortly and be like "i dreamt i was some 40-something kid posting nonsense on something called mastodon" and Paul Schafer will look over with his 13 eyes and say "that's weird as hell" and then play a synth chord that ends the world

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Dreamt I got book on Letterman for some funny songs I wrote, was worried about what to say on national TV, woke up, realized that (a) it was absurd to dream I'd been book on a talk show for basically shitposting and (b) why would I electively fly cross country during a pandemic? Then I got a text from a friend worried that they cancelled my spot on Letterman. Then I woke up and realized (a) that part was a dream to and (b) Letterman hasn't been doing Late Night for how long now?

Bridgerton spoiler 

season one synopsis: "When Will He Finally Cum Inside Me"

Three sets of Fogleworms, for N=3,4,5. There's a bunch fo context here that I am too tired to actually provide right at the moment, but I enjoy the renderings and you might too.

Today is the first day of the rest of [Borat voice] my wife


Behold, Fogleworms. Inevitable crafty outcome of me obsessing about a math problem involving arranging "worms" the last few days, see big birb site thread:

Remake of The Maltese Falcon starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Malta

i've been posting so much math to the birb site that the entire site went down, whoops

i wrote a C++ shanty

Slack's having downtime
So come, me hearties
Let's talk of old days of
eye sea queue

Hand-coding websites
And long LAN parties
And drinking a barrel of
mountain dew

Oh ho the dreams we dreamt
Of lives spent at our computers
Oh ho the tears we've wept
For having our dreams come true

I've fortunately never had any kind of smoking habit, but every once in a while the thought "i would really like a cigarette" ends up in the forefront of my mind, and this is one of those days

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