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Wrote about anxiety and brain stuff on my patreon blog, in the not-metaphorically-titled The Cat Food Test:

In me news, new linocut print available, "Activation", a one-off from last year that I never printed properly.

The skulls and the chicken feet planter I ordered from are here and they are glorious. Thanks, @selfsame, they are delightful. Don't mind how anxious that squash looks, he's always like that.

End-of-month push: I'm getting ready for my first Monthly Art Postcard reward for $10+ patreon supporters. Each is an original art piece, not a reproduction, sent in the mail to you wherever you are in the world.

You can become a supporter here; I'd love to send you mail, and I'd appreciate your support of my work.

imagine fucking up a breakup so bad that Olivio Rodrigo writes this entire pop album about it

reality show where aspiring but wildly experienced seamstresses are mocked and threatened by old west outlaws shooting at their feet, it's called "Sew? You Think You Can? Dance!"

on TikTok these would be called [rests fingers on opposite elbow interior] Sheeeeesch numbers

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current vibe: listening to Propellorheads too loud and reading about Heesch numbers

*class turns to Josh*
sigh...I made some new plotter drawings.
*class explodes*

Off-kilter I-IX

Details on ye birb site:

SHEPARD: You knew that was a trap.
ILLUSIVE MAN: Well...yes.
SHEPARD: So why did you tell us it was a trap.
ILLUSIVE MAN: worked out in the end, didn't it?
SHEPARD: That's not a character motivation! That's not even coherent!
ILLUSIVE MAN: *smokes broodily*
SHEPARD: And your smoking looks stupid! The graphics aren't that good!

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