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I did some very dumb Billy Joel Piano Man vs. Dune riffing this morning on birb site that I'm not retyping all of here but if you're into that sort of thing:

Couple other pieces from the last few days, first and second passes. This is a weird way to work and I know neither how to plan well or how to proceed in the moment.

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doing little underpaintings in service of trying to work on some indirect oil stuff that is terrifyingly outside of my comfort zone

people always talk about archenemies, i'm just looking for an archfriend

been trying for five minutes to pull together some sort of joke about regular expressions and resting bitch face and i have nothing, someone please take this cup from my hands

the premier magazine for status-chasing bog witches, Better Gnomes and Harridans

Hackers remake where everything is the same except Dade's handle is Crash Bandicoot

instead of like "x, who you might know, is on this service" follow prompts, social media apps should be like "EEYYyyyyy, you KNOW this fucken guy?!"

different absolutely forgettable hold music as I get transferred, this is much better, I can relax and pretend it's a lesser video game soundtrack and enjoy the way that having it on speaker on my phone ladles a bunch of unintended distortion over the whole thing and makes it slightly better than it is

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Stuck with some Extremely Light Jazz instrumental hold music right now, which isn't exactly remarkable, but the melody hook that guitar lead is picking out is basically the melody of the verse of Leaving On A Jetplane but then it fucks off into some other generic thing. Weirdly maddening musical trolling.

Warning: film may contain spoilers for content of film

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