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most people don't know that "compuserv" is an anagram of "pervo cums"

nothing quite as 40-year-old-toddler as stretching out on the floor with my phone because I'm not sleepy yet and then falling asleep for an hour and a half right there

*rolls over at 2am to scrawl note on paper* "Dave Barry more like Dave Barely"

movie about a bunch of kids from Pensacola starting their own martial arts crew

it's called Kung Fu Panhandle

you catch more honies being fly than drenching yourself in vinegar

Self portrait, more or less finished now I think, with earlier passes to show process. This has been to a degree a process of incremental de-Lemmy-fication though I don't know that I got there entirely.

I wish I was comfortable with an electronic/looping composition toolset because the number of days I spend with like a two-bar loop of some fucking song in my head (currently: the first two bars of Baby Elephant Walk) I could establish an entire fucking genre of loop-based deconstructive hell if I had somewhere to put it

Did a third pass on my little glazing experiments. I like how this frog has come along.

Escape from Tarkov:: The Lord Giveth, And Some Guy With "DeezNuts" In His Name Hiding In A Bush With A Silenced AR-15 Taketh Away

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