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Regency novel about a woman's search for love and meaning and also large primes, it's called

Mersennes & Sensibility

Also I had to explain "loosy" to the server which was both charming and weird

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today i successfully bummed a loosy off the collective waitstaff at a brewpub and then successfully bummed a light off another customer on the way out the door, AMA

in the future everyone will have their 15 minute interval of pre-milkshakeducking

post-graduate work is when you start using *un*marked beakers

Duke Leto Atreides, standing over the bloody corpse of his Fremen housekeeper in the royal mansion in Arakeen: "all my Mapes gone"

gently, non-confrontationally gesturing toward the possibility of truth to power, no worries if not

Here come the buns
(dee-dah doo-dah)
Here come the buns
(and I say)
I can't lie

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