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Back to watercolor the last couple days, doing a series based on the offset squares stuff I've been messing with lately. I, II, III, IV...

movie about a guy with teeth for fingers, it's called Edward Incisorhands

can't walk away from Omelas without breaking a few eggs

Opinion poll, was Bush intentionally quoting in "Comedown" the bassline groove in the verse of Bon Jovi's "Living On A Prayer" or just freak rock coincidence?

Here are all four of the Peer Gynt quilts, laid out on the Moonglow bed quilt that my partner made. Almost two years in the making!

If you missed the start of this project: each of the wall quilts is inspired by one of the four movements in Grieg's Peer Gynt Suite (Morning Mood, Ase's Death, Anitra's Dance, In the Hall of the Mountain King). One shape per bar. You can follow along if you listen to the music.

#quilting #PeerGynt #FibreArts #FiberArts @fiberarts

Regency novel about a woman's search for love and meaning and also large primes, it's called

Mersennes & Sensibility

Also I had to explain "loosy" to the server which was both charming and weird

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today i successfully bummed a loosy off the collective waitstaff at a brewpub and then successfully bummed a light off another customer on the way out the door, AMA

in the future everyone will have their 15 minute interval of pre-milkshakeducking

post-graduate work is when you start using *un*marked beakers

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