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I've been hesitant to push deep into muddy, many many layers territory with some of the recent translucent-layer work I've done because I had specific ideas in mind aside from that, but I've also felt like it's a bit of fear holding me back there. So the goal with this one from the word go is to stack up layers and basically destroy 99% of the traces of these initial bright colors in isolation in service of just cooooating the canvas with optically mixed tints.

Start of newest piece. Gonna be a bunch of bisected layers in the end.

Digging through webspace stuff, found an old first draft of a song I recorded years and years ago. I had completely forgotten this draft existed.

It's rare that I actually record something fairly completely and then stop and start over. Usually I'll nail it or bin it. It's a slow sad song and the first draft turns out to be even slower and sadder, which is kind of remarkable to listen to rediscover.

Released version:

Slower first draft:

MetaFilter Moderation, Episode #3915: "Al Franken Blew Up My Day"

My dream version of a band involves practicing together once a month, not having to think about it in the interim at all, and showing up to gigs hands-free to drink a beer, play the show to a rapt, attentive audience, and leave, with no load-in or load-out or killing time waiting on anyone. Basically ideally I'd be an aging, pampered member of a marquee rock band from thirty years ago, except without sounding as uncool as that does? My dream is not realistic.

Friend started a new band a couple months ago and asked me to join up, and so we've been working on material for a short live set this weekend, which is something I haven't done in a while. It's coming along pretty well, will be fun to play a show for the first time in years.

At the same time, I've been ambivalent because there's lots of band stuff I don't love and these aren't my songs.

But I also keep waking up with our songs stuck in my head, which is a pretty good sign.

Finished this series of four paintings that have been in progress for a while. Each is oil on canvas, 36"x24":

Accumulating Triangles
Accumulating Squares
Accumulating Pentagons
Accumulating Hexagons

Made with four unmixed oil colors thinned a bunch with Neo Megilp, across three passes with two colors per painting per pass (a steady inner color for each, varying outer colors), with one-inch masking tape outlines each time.

Really happy with how they came together.

Annnnd this first pass is finished. May or may not have time to give the colors a second pass before the band needs the art for release. I'm Not unhappy with it how it is now, and I feel better about it as a complete piece than in progress, but there's colors I would change and lines I'd refine.

Work in progress, oil on canvas over an acrylic base. Commission for a friend's band's upcoming single release. There's been one more section at the bottom, filling out the cube/hexagon space in another set of hues.

This started as a very clean flat vector mockup and so I'm struggling a little bit to not freak out over the translation to real, messy paint strokes and oil colors; free-handing curves is dicey stuff. But the organic feeling fits the theme, so, okay. More tomorrow.

I have a thicket of Catholic hymns I absorbed in my childhood that sometimes fight for space in the part of my brain that compulsively riffs on song lyrics on social media.

And I always have to remind myself that nowhere near as many people will get e.g. "How Good You Are God / Yahweh Is My Shepherd Now" counterpoint jokes compared with a solid pop music riff.

But anyway I was contemplating a "Yo dawg, Bob Hurd you like missals, so..." joke and I'm just chucking it into the ether here.

Just tripped across this comment I made on MetaFilter, out of context, and spent a few seconds wonder what the FUCK we could possibly have been discussing before I remembered it was from when I was improv DMing an RPG adventure for April Fools.

I gave a talk a couple weeks ago about trying to maintain an online community's health under the massive stress of all the shit that's been going on in the US and the world the last couple years.

It's focused on MetaFilter because that's what I know best, but a lot of it is about stuff that generalizes elsewhere, both online and off, in terms of how folks can cope together with all this stuff.

somebody told me

by now
it's gonna roll me

I don't believe
the sharpest tool's in the shed

Is gonna be the day
When they're gonna say today's the day

By now
You should have somehow
Figured out that by now it's now

I don't believe that anyone
Believes by now today is not the daayyyyyy

Born in Subversion
Raised in GitHub
Forkin' and Trackin'
Is All I Love

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