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Accumulating Sierpinski Carpet
oil on canvas, 24"x24"

This is finally done after a couple of weeks of slow layer-by-layer process, and boy howdy I'm happy with who it came together in the end.

Decomposed 2-iteration Menger sponge, distinct layers.

Prototype sub-assembly for a 2-iteration Menger sponge kit. Full kit will be 414 pieces! (Most of them the very small ones.)

Wrote up some more details on this test on birbsite:

Being tired is not a badge of honor. It just means you're tired.

A couple morning experiments with laser cut layers:

1. a stratified wooden sphere enclosed in a clear acrylic cube.

2. a stack of accumulating bisections of material.

*furious scribbling social media engagement notes on napkin*


Taking that fractal lattice experiment further, with a stack of five iteration layers of increasing complexity, cut very delicately from basswood and glued together. From this angle you can't see that the bottom layer literally caught fire. Lasers, man.

Back at it: larger clear acrylic 1-iteration Menger sponge from the glowforge.

Tonight I managed to finalize a working design for a laser cut Menger sponge (vs. the simpler pseudo-sponge with no insides that I'd done recently).

Doesn't look a ton different from the pseudo-sponge at a glance, but it's far more mathematically satisfying. Has a nicer heft too from the extra pieces. Also a lot more work to put together!

Here's the cover art: @joshmillard did the etching & photo -- I cropped it, tinkered with the color a bit & added the type. Decided to call it done before I could second-guess it.

Sixth pass on Accumulating Bisections; fourth pass on Accumulating Sierpinski Carpet; action shot of that fourth pass going on.

It's the most wonderful time of the year: the time to lose your mind and/or punish others with the best worst thing I've ever made, a random infinite xmas carol generator:

Did a great big 90 minute glowforge cut today, of this 5-iteration Sierpinski carpet...and had a fuck up right at the end with the software that led to an alignment problem that ruined the whole thing.

I mean it's still neat looking, but it's fucked up too and I was hoping to make one that wasn't fucked up.

Did my first clear acrylic cut with the glowforge tonight (after figuring out the my original planned cut for the evening was gonna take 87 minutes, which, nah, that can wait till tomorrow).

This actually looks pretty cool?

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