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So I was workshopping "It's A Children's Cartoon, Charlie Brony" as a tweet, and then I decided to skip it because I didn't really want to farm for annoyance on twitter, and then I was like "well maybe this is a toot situation" and then I started typing it here but then I was like "yeah but Masto is a place I expect people to (a) not be reflexively shitty and (b) quite probably be furries so is this just itself kinda inadvertant punching down now" and I DON'T KNOW SOCIAL MEDIA IS HARD hELP

Every once in a while I'll get off Discord but not actually remember to disconnect and I wonder how often my friends pop on to be like "hey you playing some plunkbat or, uh--" just to be greeted by me absent-mindedly singing to myself from five feet away

"hey Josh you looking for a game of--"

I used to successfully travel through apparently-finite space like you, until I took a Zeno's Arrow to the knee.

It's also a good idea to storm back in and say, "oh, and another thing, here's a little tip for you" and slam down 15-25% of the cost of the service on the counter.

If you've received good customer service always let the person helping you know by tersely saying "I think you've done enough" and then leaving.

what's love
but a fecund randy notion
[detuned harmonica solo]

Like Kurosawa I host mad sites
K I don’t host sites
But if I did they’d use Akamai

Here's that foretold laser version of the Sol Lewitt stuff I was doing yesterday.

Using Inkscape to do vector graphics riffing on Sol Lewitt. Will throw this at the laser cutter next.

Specifically, I made a modular zoetrope with my laser cutter. It works okay! I need to think harder about the optics of my designs to find stuff that will animate well in this context, but the principle seems really really sound and I'm happy with it as a start.

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